Compare Different Housing Rentals, Analyze Price Over a Period of Time, Find the Availability Percentage, See what People are Talking the most and the Upcoming Trends!

Why ?

Having first hand encountered how difficult and time consuming it is to find a good rental home with complete value for money and getting the best deal on the market without any Insights. Spyyed efficently helps you make your decision based on the Data.

How ?

Spyyed accquires its Data from various sources which are available in Public Domain, followed by storing the Data on its own servers after performing Data Pre-Processing Steps. Then it Analyzes the Humongous amount of Data to generate Amazing Insights and Visualizing it in extremely User Friendly way.


Spyyed started off as a Project at Monash University in 2020 and then during the Covid-19 Pandemic was Developed into a Full Scale Application by Atharva’s Artificial Intelligence under the Initiative AI for ALL